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Do it for the throne: Delivering limited edition cans for the throne
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Do it for the throne: Delivering limited edition cans for the throne

Throughout the entirety of Spring 2019, there was only one cultural moment that fans cared about: the Game of Thrones Final Season. Mountain Dew was heavily involved in the movement, so we teamed up to take their engagement to the next level. The primary objective was to boost the existing social and digital efforts that Mountain Dew had scheduled around the final season.

Our Solution

We created a 3-day activation to drive sustained conversation around the Mountain Dew X Game of Thrones partnership. During each day, fans were able to engage for their chance to win a limited edition can that featured Arya’s infamous kill list. All deliveries were mailed in a custom branded box.

How it Worked

Fans who shared on Facebook or tweeted #ACanHasNoName + #ForTheThrone on the day of the premiere were directed to a co-branded microsite, where they entered their delivery information and took a survey. Along with the CTA hashtags, fans were also required to tell the brand what they would sacrifice for the throne, leading to tons of amazing social conversation.

The campaign completely took over social, driving more than 23,000 brand mentions and nearly 45,000 engagements. Since it was such a relevant activation, press loved talking about the perfectly-timed deliveries, driving pickups from Adweek, Forbes, USA Today, and more.

The fan reactions

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