Opening Day

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Celebrating Opening Day and satifying fans all across Chicago


G.H. Cretors wanted to let fans know that they are now the official popcorn of the Chicago Cubs. They wanted to truly own Opening Day by giving fans a taste test of the many classic flavors of G.H. Craeters.


G.H. Cretors teamed up with Fooji to send 15,000 bags of popcorn to fans in Chicago. Every fan recieved a kit with three different flavors of popcorn, giving them a full sample of the great flavors available. 3 fans were even surprised with free popcorn for a year!


#PlayBallWithGHCretors grabbed the attention of Twitter users across the country, making it's way into the top trending topics in Chicago. The buzz resulted in more than 15,000 page views, 900 participating fans and 5,000 successful deliveries.

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