Nick SlimeFest


Nickelodeon worked with Fooji to deliver their iconic green slime to an entirely new generation


Help Nickelodeon drive awareness for the second year of their music festival, SlimeFest. The team at Nick wanted to do something extremely unique with their well-known slime product, which had never before been delivered.


Utilize the Fooji platform to deliver a first of its kind activation, letting fans get slimed on-demand. Every fan who participated received a custom tote bag containing Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a branded water bottle, water balloons, and a SlimeFest t-shirt. Select fans received our slimiest deliver ever.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted #NickSlimeFest + 💚 were directed to a co-branded micro-site, where they entered their delivery information. Our platform selected those who would received slime systematically and confirmed that they wanted to be slimed. We also handled all legal and special paperwork for this activation. 450 other fans received their SlimeFest kits within 2 hours.

Fans loved this nostalgic activation, helping #NickSlimeFest drive more than 7 million impressions, which had Twitter buzzing about SlimeFest 2018.

The fan reactions

Check out fan content from the campaign

My mom is the true champ! 💪🏼💚 She got soaked in slime!!!! #NNickSlimeFest@ggofooji@NNickelodeon
@gofooji thanks for sliming our little monster.
Thanks @gofooji @Nickelodeon for the awesome goody bag :) #NickSlimeFest
@gofooji @Nickelodeon My little boy got slimed 🤩
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