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Tweet to test drive: Making the car shopping process easier than ever
Tweet to test drive: Making the car shopping process easier than ever

MINI is known for pushing the boundaries in the auto industry, and they wanted to leverage the Fooji platform to create a first-to-market activation. We teamed up to promote their end of year Countryman promotion by giving fans in select markets the first ever Tweet to Test Drive activation.

Our Solution

We worked with local MINI dealers in target markets and built a custom product to allow fans to claim their on-demand test drives. During each test drive, fans were accompanied by a MINI representative to answer any questions they had about the car. For fans interested in leasing or buying a vehicle, they were able to execute the transaction with the MINI representative.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted #MINIonDemand + 🚗 to @MINIUSA were directed to a co-branded microsite, where they entered their delivery information to receive a test drive delivered to their front door. Fans simply entered their details, selected their desired model, and scheduled a time for the vehicle to arrive at their location. Once the car arrived, the fan had 30 minutes to take it for a drive and experience the various features of the newly released models.

Fans from LA and SF loved the easy test drives, helping generate more than 500 new leads for MINI, as well as thousands of brand mentions on Twitter. Our favorite fact from this campaign: we sold a car from a tweet!

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