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Curing the hangovers from those wild office Christmas parties


With the holidays right around the corner, Paramount wanted to increase awareness and create buzz around their new film Office Christmas Party. They also wanted to gather some major press by including deliveries to large publications.


We helped thousands of fans become office heroes for the day by serving up the ultimate hangover solution: donuts and coffee. Paramount and Fooji delivered over 1,400 boxes of donuts and coffee to the offices of fans in select major cities who tweeted out #OfficeXmasParty.


#OfficeXMasParty earned more than 12 million impressions in less than 24 hours, while earning nearly 10,000 engagements from fans on Twitter. The activation also gained over 11,000 mentions for the brand, ultimately helping drive awareness and exposure for the holiday comedy.

The fan reactions

Check out fan content from the campaign

THANK YOU @officexmasparty AND @gofooji FOR THE FREE DONUTS!!! You have made the staff at the @jazzinstitute of Chi……
Friday at the office just got better!#officexmasparty @officexmasparty @gofooji πŸ©πŸ©πŸŽ‰
Best. Day. Ever. Thank you @officexmasparty @gofooji for delivering #donuts to the office!! #OfficeXMasParty πŸ©β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰
TY @officexmasparty, @gofooji & @CADONUTS for πŸ©β˜•πŸŽ‰ #OfficeXMasParty 🍩 & it's #TupacTuesday!!!
@officexmasparty @gofooji thank you for the 🍩🍩🍩 #OfficeXMasParty!!! About to check out your snap code nowπŸ‘»
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