Cinco de Mayo


Patron worked with Fooji to deliver the world's first on-demand music performances along with their signature drinks


Help Patron create buzz around their award-winning Margarita kit. This was our first promotion that required payment from fans.


Leverage the Fooji platform to help Patron own social conversation on Cinco de Mayo. In order to do this, we would be delivering Patron's award-winning Margarita Kits as well as on-demand Mariachi Bands for select winners. Additionally, fans were required to pay for this promotion.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted #PatronMyCinco were directed to a co-branded micro-site, where they confirmed their age and entered payment and delivery information. Once their payment was approved, our software determined whether or not they would receive the Ultimate Margarita Kit, or the kit and a live Mariachi Band performance.

#PatronMyCinco had over 3,200 total tweets and generated nearly 1 million impressions throughout the activation.

The fan reactions

Check out fan content from the campaign

Thanks @gofooji @Patron for the treat. Ready to start the celebration #PatronMyCinco #Tequila
RT britneypierini: When cocktailcourier and Patron send a mariachi band to MongoDB #PatronMyCinco #happycincodemayo
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