Save the White Russian


Kahlua worked with Fooji to help fans everywhere save their famous White Russian drink


Help Kahlua generate social conversation and take over the Stella Artois commercial during the Super Bowl. This was our first promotion that played off another brand's paid media.


Leverage the Fooji and Twitter platforms to target customers nationwide for three days starting on Super Bowl Sunday and give them an opportunity to participate in an on-demand prizing experience by simply tweeting to have the exclusive #SaveTheWhiteRussian t-shirt delivered to their doorstep.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted with #SaveTheWhiteRussian + #Sweepstakes to @Kahlua were directed to a co-branded micro-site where they entered their information to receive a special edition #SaveTheWhiteRussian t-shirt delivered to their door. The Super Bowl take-over worked simultaneously with the popular Stella Artois 60-second commercial featuring The Dude and his infamously go-to cocktail, the White Russian.

The fan reactions

Check out fan content from the campaign

Stir in your support! Tweet #SaveTheWhiteRussian + #sweepstakes for a surprise delivery to sweeten your day!
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