Silicon Valley


HBO worked with Fooji to bring the show Silicon Valley to life


Help HBO create targeted buzz around the launch of Season 5 of Silicon Valley. A primary focus of this campaign was working with influencers and making highly targeted deliveries.


Leverage the Fooji platform to target fans across the nation with a uniquely tech-related delivery: pizzas flown in by drones. In addition to the 700 branded pizzas delivered around the nation, we also sent 50 pizzas to relevant influencers, venture capitalists, and actors from the show.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted #Sliceline + 🍕 on the day of the premiere were directed to a co-branded micro-site, where they entered their delivery information. Fans simply entered their details, and a drone pizza was on its way! To target the influencers, we reached out prior to activation day to arrange the deliveries. This resulted in a high number of UGC and impactful social activity from the influencers.

Overall, the campaign drove a #1 United States trend and picked up nationwide attention with write-ups from Adweek, Bloomberg, Eater, and more.

The fan reactions

Check out fan content from the campaign

just got a very special delivery from @gofooji and @SiliconHBO 🍕🍕🍕#sliceline 🍕
Drones drop off pizza in San Francisco as part of @SiliconHBO promotion.…

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