Smile with Lay's


Lay's worked with Fooji to help spread as many smiles as possible


Help Lay's drive awareness and buzz around their newest product, Lay's Smile Bags. Our focus was on creating great user generated content and helping build a physical touchpoint to accompany the digital campaign.


Leverage the Fooji platforms to target customers in Los Angeles and New York to give them the ultimate Valentine's Week surprises. Every fan who participated received a bag of Lay's, a branded hat, and a postcard CTA, all delivered on branded bikes around the city. Select fans also received huge bouquets of flowers, acapella groups, and moren fun Valentine's surprises.

How it Worked

Fans who tweeted #SmileWithLays + 😊 were directed to a co-branded micro-site, where they entered their delivery information to receive their special Valentine's Week deliveries. Our platform selected the larger prize winners systematically and routed specific couriers to deliver those (large bouquets, acapella groups, etc). For all other fans, they received their delivery within 2 hours as is standard, driving huge amounts of engagement and UGC.

Over the week long campaign, #SmileWithLays drove 2,281 engagements and brought in 30,320 branded microsite page views.

The fan reactions

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