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Whether you're looking to drive awareness, convert new users, or simply reward existing fans, we can help.

Fooji Win

Sustain the conversation over a longer time period by running a sweepstakes campaign with a limited number of exclusive prizes mailed nationwide.

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Fooji Reach

Broaden the reach and increase the scale of the campaign with unlimited mailed prizes delivered to fans nationwide in 7-10 days.

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Fooji Now

Create real-time conversation and buzz by instantly rewarding fan engagement with physical rewards delivered within two hours.

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Fooji Max

Maximize campaign impact by including both on-demand deliveries and unlimited mailed prizes to achieve real-time excitement and reach.

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Learn why hundreds of brands have rewarded their fans using Fooji.

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All Fooji activations include: Campaign Consulting · Dedicated Project Manager · Legal & Rules Development · Bonding · Micro-site Design & Hosting · Product Procurement · Packaging Design & Procurement · Pick & Pack · Market Specific Product Storage · Vendor Procurement · 24/7 Customer Service · User Data Collection · Age Gating · Live Analytics Dashboard · Social Listening Functionality · Auto-Reply Functionality · Auto-Reminder Functionality · Survey Capabilities · Fulfillment · Post-Campaign Recap Report

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