New study finds that marketing campaigns with on-demand fulfillment drive greater increase in brand sentiment

New study finds that marketing campaigns with on-demand fulfillment main image

Machine Learning–Based Study Examines On-Demand Fulfillment Networks’ Impact on Brand Social Media Engagement

San Diego, CA (February 14, 2023) — Researchers at the Technological University of the Mixteca and Datyra, an AI-powered global technology strategy company, today announced the findings of a new study that examined the impact of on-demand fulfillment of social media sweepstakes on brand engagement.

The study, which used AI and machine learning to analyze data clusters, found that when brands engage fans with sweepstakes and giveaways that instantly fulfill prizes through local delivery networks, social media engagement — and, likely, in turn, brand sentiment — increases by 391%. Moreover, the data shows that the larger the investment in on-demand delivery and fulfillment brands make, the greater the increase in social media engagement and brand sentiment.

"To quantitatively measure the impact of marketing efforts we need to go deeper than just traditional metrics like reach and impressions," said Nathan Klarer, co-founder of Datyra and co-author of the paper. “Our study uses machine learning to understand the link between different campaign fulfillment mechanisms and their correlating impact on fan engagement. The results are clear, brands who invest in instant and real-time fulfillment networks bolster their brand sentiment at higher levels than those who don't.”

This study used data from campaigns serving major consumer brands that were developed and executed by Fooji, a leading brand engagement firm. Fooji works with globally-renowned brands such as Amazon Prime Video, Capital One, Disney+, and Pepsi to connect them with their fans through on-demand sweepstakes and giveaways, handling everything from campaign ideation to supply chain logistics to sourcing and fulfillment.

“With the proliferation of services like DoorDash, GoPuff, and Drizly, consumers have grown accustomed to the instant gratification of on-demand delivery at their fingertips," said Gregg Morton, CEO of Fooji. “Brands that make significant investments in real-time supply chain technologies to power giveaways and sweepstakes have a strong opportunity to increase sales, logistics productivity, and consumer satisfaction. Consumers today expect immediate gratification, and brands that can deliver on that expectation will see the greatest success.”

Engaging consumers through on-demand fulfillment of sweepstakes and giveaways is central to the Fooji-pioneered practice of Fan Experience Management (FXM) — rewarding a brand’s most engaged followers and fostering loyalty through social and physical interactions. The research conducted by the Technological University of the Mixteca and Datyra indicates that precise social targeting, digital engagement with personalized rewards, and on-demand fulfillment networks are key to driving positive brand sentiment.


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