Fooji launches Crowdsail, highly customized platform for digital engagement and social gifting

Fooji Launches Crowdsail, Highly Customized Platform for Digital Engagement and Social Gifting Image

Fooji also debuts its proprietary AI-powered safety technology Safesail

Lexington, KY, April 11, 2023 – Fooji, a Lexington, Kentucky–based brand engagement and marketing technology leader, launched Crowdsail, the industry-first surprise and delight platform, featuring Safesail, an integrated, proprietary AI-powered brand safety technology.

As part of its recent rebrand, Fooji committed to developing innovative new products that allow brands to engage with their fan base in unique and impactful ways. One of these innovations is Crowdsail, a subscription-based platform for brands to easily and confidently interact with their fans and deliver personalized gifts through social networks.

One of the most cutting-edge capabilities within Crowdsail is Safesail, an AI engine developed by Fooji to ensure brands are engaging with consumers who meet their brand safety guidelines. Safesail uses AI to detect harmful text, images, and videos across nine psychologically-validated dimensions, including hate, racism, explicit content, violence, murder, drugs, and weapons — and it can accurately detect specifics and severity levels within each dimension. The extent of Safesail’s monitoring makes it unique as one of the most sophisticated safety detectors available, allowing each brand the capability of configuring safety engines to their own brand guidelines.

“Our research shows that surprise and delight campaigns with instant fulfillment — which Crowdsail provides — increases brand sentiment and social engagement exponentially,” said Fooji founder and CEO Gregg Morton. “At a time when several social networks are in flux, brand safety is at the forefront of brand managers’ minds, but few know how to truly address it. With Safesail, we’re both removing any guesswork and streamlining the process — ensuring that brands only interact with brand-safe content and users.”

Safesail has a 75% exact accuracy match — and 85-90% close match — between the type of content and automatic detection of content to provide brands with unparalleled levels of assurance while executing their surprise and delight strategies. Currently, several of Fooji’s clients are utilizing this platform, including Mountain Dew, Disney+, and AAA.

“Our approach to building this technology was to take decades' worth of research evidence from various fields such as psychology, biology, and sociology, and embed it into real-time AI. The result is one of the most scientifically validated safety detection technologies available today," said Dr. Mengzhen Lim, a social psychologist who is currently a Japanese Government Scholar attached to Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike other versions out there which rely solely on simple language or visual scans, Safesail works at a uniquely comprehensive scale.”

Crowdsail also provides customized social listening tools and a Loyalty Score grader for brands to easily identify and gift their most dedicated fans. For more information about Crowdsail and Fooji’s industry-leading fan experience management solutions, visit


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