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It's time to reward your fans. The easy way.

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Create surprise and delight

Our subscription-based product is the solution for surprising and delighting your fans through social networks. Manage your own surprise and delight strategy with digital tools and integrated fulfillment services to engage and deliver personalized gifts directly to your fans. Crowdsail makes it easy to quickly connect to your fans, putting brand and community managers in control.

Crowdsail provides robust, purpose built, social listening capabilities across all major social networks.

Customize easy social listening

Listen across entire product portfolios using multiple social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) through custom feeds based on user-defined filters. And send gifts directly from fan posts.

Our proprietary brand safety engine, Safesail, provides industry-first protection for brands when interacting with their audience.

Protect your brand with Safesail

Safesail, our proprietary AI technology, instantly screens your followers and grades their safety. So you can easily engage with and delight your fans with confidence.

Easily identify your most loyal safe fans to gift using Safesail, a generative AI and ML brand safety engine.

Prioritize your most loyal fans

Our Loyalty Score grades followers and their past engagement — allowing you to easily identify and gift your dedicated fans.

Partner with us through Foooji Doorstep for creative concepting, sourcing, and purchasing. And if it’s custom kits you need, we’ll pack them in-house for quality control.

Produce on-brand swag that fans love

Included with Crowdsail is creative concepting, sourcing, and purchasing of branded items. And if it’s custom kits you need, we pack them in-house with speed and quality control.

Sourcing, storing, kitting, and shipping all handled by Doorstep.

Leave the logistics to us

Take advantage of in-house storage and kitting. And count on same-day fulfillment, with three to five day shipping times.

How our customers are using Crowdsail

Surprise and Delight on Social

Organically rewarding your most loyal fans.

Customer Retention

Use the power of gifting to remedy negative fan experiences. Integrate Crowdsail into your existing Customer Support teams to manage relationship at scale.

Loyalty Programs

Amplify your loyalty program by gifting your VIPs.

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