The 6 crucial questions you must ask when choosing a social gifting platform

The 6 crucial questions you must ask when choosing a social gifting platform Blog Main Image

Looking for a social gifting and engagement platform? Ask vendors these 6 questions to see if their tech has what it takes to take your brand's performance to the next level.

Being a brand community manager is easy. All you need to do is to understand exactly what users want — even when they don’t know themselves yet or haven’t told you — and give it to them, right away. And, of course, you need to do that in a way that chimes with the brand ethos and identity, which builds trust, fosters long-term value, and… well, anyway, like we said, ‘easy’ (cough).

But just in case — bear with us for a moment, here — it’s not easy, and is, in fact, incredibly difficult, but there is an approach community managers can use to deliver all the benefits we listed above, and more. That approach is the use of social gifting.

What is social gifting?

Social gifting is the practice of surprising and delighting followers with gifts, exclusive promotions, brand tie-ins, and other real-world rewards. Done right, it’s a great way to reward and engage your most loyal followers, helping to turn them into brand advocates.

The key to effective social gifting is having the right tools — that means the best possible social gifting platform and the integrations that platform needs to work with other marketing technologies.

The 6 crucial questions when choosing a social gifting platform

When you’re comparing social gifting platforms, here are the most important things you should ask if the contenders can do:

  1. Is the platform always on and can everyone in your brand team that needs to use it, do so with the minimum of onboarding?

  2. Does it provide the data, the reports, and the insights — historical and real-time — you and your team need to optimize for maximum campaign performance?

  3. Will it give you the tools you need to identify followers with the highest value — based on engagement, sentiment, and so on — then use gifting to activate them?

  4. Can the platform integrate with and work alongside the community management, CRM, and other tools you already use to engage with your customers and online followers?

  5. Does it deliver the tools you need, in a single easy interface, to create customized digital
    experiences and gifting journeys?

  6. Can it make fulfillment easy, by providing or integrating with the logistics platforms and
    facilities you need to deliver gifts on time, every time?

That’s some list. Is there even a platform that can do all that? Yes, there is!

Introducing [drumroll] Fooji Crowdsail!

Our social-gifting platform gives community managers the power to deliver fan gifts in a way that turns followers into fans and fans into advocates. It will turbocharge your brand and campaign performance.

Fooji is a market leader in fan gifting through social channels, and Crowdsail, our easy-to-use, and versatile social gifting product has the functionality required to make internal campaigns a success. And with logistics built into the service, fan gifting is easier than ever before.

For more information on Fooji Crowdsail, watch the promo video or read the product overview to discover how you can win at social gifting.