How to use social gifting to turn consumers into super fans

How to use social gifting to turn consumers into super fans Blog Post Main Image

Of all the things brand managers are asked to do, running the company's social media operations has to be among the most headache-inducing. How do you manage environments in which customers, fans, and even haters all have an equal voice — and in which conversations can spiral off at surprising or even alarming tangents, within just seconds?

The key to getting social right is to be authentic and to engage with fans in a way that’s personal and real. There are lots of ways to do that, social listening, scheduling software, merchandise fulfillment platforms — and more, usually integrated with the company’s martech platform. Thing is, these tools often don’t play nicely together. They’re just not designed to.

Important information doesn’t travel well from tool to tool or from one business department to the next. The result is inefficiency and a poor customer experience. And the last people you want to provide a poor experience to, are the customers who are most active on social media — because boy will they let you and the world know about it.

That’s where integrated, intelligent social gifting comes into its own. Social gifting is the practice of surprising and delighting followers with gifts, exclusive promotions, brand tie-ins, and other real-world rewards. Social gifting, done right, is a great way to reward and engage your most loyal followers, helping to turn them into brand advocates.

Fooji Crowdsail is the market’s leading social-gifting platform. It integrates neatly with an array of social media, martech, and CRM platforms. What do you get with Crowdsail? Everything a brand manager needs to achieve his or her goals, in a single, subscription-based, turnkey solution.

By that, we mean:

1. An easy-to-use, self-service social-gifting app, that lets you reward followers and turn them into fans.
2. An always-on platform that makes managing everything from member activation to community engagement easy, intuitive, and rewarding.
3. A campaign builder that lets your team create and deploy, track, analyze, and optimize their brand and social-gifting campaigns.
4. Comprehensive reporting on engagement, the status of your social-gift orders, and on
campaign progress, built right into the app.
5. Distribution and logistics as part of the service by default — from the sign-up to your
customer’s front door in the shortest time for the best experience.

Boil it all down, and what you get when you work with us is an incredibly cost-effective way to turn followers into brand fans and fans into superfans and advocates. As part of a strategy for promotions, brand sentiment campaigns, loyalty schemes, and more, fan gifting through Crowdsail can turbo-charge brand and campaign performance.

We’re a market leader in fan gifting through social channels. Crowdsail, our easy-to-use, and versatile social gifting product has the functionality required to make internal campaigns a success. And with logistics built into the service, fan gifting is easier than ever before.

For more information, download the Crowdsail infographic or read the product overview guide to discover how you can make brand magic.