Ready to boost social engagement? Before you start, tick off this checklist

Ready to boost social engagement

There are now 4.7 billion people on social media, worldwide [1]. Wow! That’s a lot of potential customers. But it’s also a lot of people posting, posting, and posting — all the time. How can you make sure your brand is visible, in the midst of all the memes, flame wars, and cat videos?

To be seen and heard on social, and then to convert that attention to tangible business results, there’s a magic formula. It involves mixing precision targeting on social and digital channels with the wow moments of customized gift experiences, delivered to the customer’s door.

We call this Fan Experience Management (FXM). It provides previously unachievable levels of ‘brand magic’ to the customer — with innovative, emotional experiences that achieve high levels of break-through and brand affiliation.

The right FXM solution offers not just advanced social and gifting capabilities, but also features such as on-demand, express delivery for food and beverages, full brand takeover of the gifting experience and even delivery by drone. It really does add the wow factor to the brand’s social experience.

Five ‘must haves’ for social engagement

But how do you know you’re choosing the right approach to social engagement? Here’s the Fooji checklist of five things to cross off before you make your decision:

  1. Can the social engagement provider you’re thinking of signing up with integrate with your social platforms, so that you can initiate your campaigns from within your brand social experience? How deep is that integration?

  2. Does the platform have tools to create personalized landing pages, forms, questionnaires — and other functionality designed for social fan engagement and fulfillment, built in? 

  3. Will the provider be able to deliver high-impact, real-world experiences that go beyond social, to amaze and delight (super-fast fulfillment, drone delivery etc.)?

  4. Are the logistics and fulfillment capabilities you need to keep your promises — and deliver your gifts and promotions — part of the solution, by default?

  5. Can the platform provide real-time data, as well as long-term reporting, on impressions, interactions, engagements, redemptions, fulfillment, sentiment — and more? 

The right approach to social engagement

Fooji Fanfare is our market’s leading FXM platform. It ticks every item on that list. With Fanfare, brand owners and marketing managers can deliver highly effective engagement campaigns to customers and VIP influencers, time after time. 

Fooji helps the world’s most beloved brands acquire and engage fans through award-winning giveaways, sweepstakes, and promotions. Our clients include ABC, Adidas, Amazon Studios, Budweiser, Disney, FOX, GSK, MINI, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Patrón, Pepsi, Sony Pictures, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting, Verizon, Warner Bros and YouTube.

For more information on Fan Experience Management, watch the Fooji Fanfare promo video or overview guide.