6 use cases for creating brand magic with surprise and delight

For the love of brands

When you use social media to engage with customers and prospects, you’re getting much closer to your brand audience than anyone, until recently, imagined was possible. 

To do that well, you need to make sure you have the necessary tools and technologies. See the blog post ‘How to use social gifting to turn consumers into super fans’ for more information on what technology you need to do surprise and delight the way it should be done.

Once you’ve got the right tools — ones that cover social interaction, gift fulfillment, and broader inventory management — the next step is to figure out how you’re actually going to use surprise and delight to achieve your brand goals.

Deploying social gifting 

Fooji Crowdsail is the market’s leading surprise and delight platform. It integrates neatly with all major social media and CRM platforms. What do you get with Crowdsail? Everything a brand or community manager needs to achieve their goals, in a single, subscription-based, turnkey solution.

Here are six ways to achieve brand magic through surprise and delight with Crowdsail: 

  1. Create brand affinity: Accelerate relationships with select offers and promotions, personalized and precisely targeted, using Crowdsail’s unique features. 

  2. Achieve fan recognition: Increase brand recognition and foster retention with personal gifts and merchandise.

  3. Shift customer sentiment: When your social listening picks up negative vibes, use tailored engagement and gifting strategies to shift consumer sentiment, quickly.

  4. Engage brand VIPs: Influence the movers and shakers in your market with social gifting break-through experiences.

  5. Encourage user-generated content: Use social gifting to prompt users to share experiences, content, and perspectives.

  6. Trials and sample product: Get physical products into consumer's hands, gather feedback, and use it to optimize your campaigns in real-time.

Crowdsail is a self-serve solution for fan gift experiences enabled through social networks. The subscription-based service provides the digital tools and integrated fulfillment services required to engage fans and deliver branded, personalized gifts at scale. The solution puts brand and community managers in full control of their surprise and delight initiatives.

Your brand and surprise and delight

What does that mean for you? It means you can build and execute any of the six strategies outlined above, quickly and without the need for extensive setup or expensive up-front costs. And with the Fooji team to lean on, community and brand managers can be assured of delivering their own always-on, gifting programs that will deliver delight to their brand communities.   

The delight doesn’t end there with customers of the brand. Campaign and community managers benefit too: from the transparent dashboard reporting on interactions, redemptions, delivery status, and inventory levels. Campaign leads have real-time visibility to report on gifting initiatives.  

Use Fooji Crowdsail today, to re-energize your brand conversations, shift consumer sentiment, and achieve your brand goals. 

For more information watch the Fooji Crowdsail promo video to discover how you can deliver delight.