9 ways for brands to create a fan frenzy

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Find out how Fooji Fanfare can help you energize followers, build a fanbase for your brand, and achieve your brand goals

Looking for new and innovative ways for your brand to make a connection with consumers? Our Fan Experience Management (FXM) solution, Fooji Fanfare, gives you the power to provide incentivized engagement, at scale. And it comes with all the analytics and reporting functions you need to optimize on the go.

Here are nine ways you can use Fanfare to get your followers engaged, turn them into fans, and then use that energy to achieve your brand goals:

  1. Build brand awareness
    Want to increase the reach of your brand? Use Fanfare to create a buzz around your brand identity and your products. Grow the presence of your brand in the spaces where your target audience likes to hang out. Use the viral power of connections to reach like-minded individuals (who previously were unengaged) through sweepstakes, giveaways, promotions, or digital experiences.

  2. Engage your brand community
    Use social targeting along with data-driven gifting and promotions to target the followers with the biggest potential not just to convert, but to turn into superfans and brand advocates. Use social engagement to create experiences that build a buzz and excitement around your brand and get you talked about by the right audiences and in the right online communities.

  3. Take the power of your promotions up a notch
    Use Fanfare to identify and target audiences that have the right characteristics and relationship with your brand. Collect sign-ups or opt-ins for the promotion — then get the product into customers’ hands as fast as possible, for the best-ever customer experience. As the promotion runs, collect user feedback and build on it to optimize your campaign.

  4. Create brand affinity
    Create brand love with customized gifts and promotions. With the right social and incentivized engagement strategy, you can build brand sentiment and loyalty. The key is to use Fanfare to identify the followers most open to the brand experience and most likely to take their brand relationship to the next level, then to use the platform to engage with them in a way that is unique, authentic, and meaningful.

  5. Inspire fans to create brand content
    Want to inspire fans to generate buzz around your brand to their own network and connections? Use Fanfare’s social intelligence to design campaigns around user-generated content that is guaranteed to foster enthusiasm and go viral. Adding a social sharing element to the program will help ensure that users are ready and itching to share the brand content they create with friends, family, and peers.

  6. Shift brand sentiment
    Need to turn a negative vibe into a positive one? Fanfare can help find users who aren’t happy with your brand, are drifting away from it, or have had some other kind of “sub-optimal” experience. Using the platform, you can then design social and real-world experiences designed to delight and engage, helping you turn that frown upside down!

  7. Get the feedback you need to hear
    Fanfare has all the features you need to understand segment users by their brand affinity, social behavior, or other characteristics. You can then add relevant questionnaires and surveys, request fans' feedback, and ask for the input you need to be more effective and improve your brand performance.

  8. Incentivize consumers to buy more
    Use Fanfare’s engagement features to incentivize followers and customers to buy more and commit to your brand. Through incentivized promotions, you can target the audiences that demonstrate the right characteristics to become high-value customers.

  9. Engage your brand VIPs
    Want to start influencing the influencers? Fanfare can help target the movers and shakers in your market with highly personalized and cut-through experiences. Do this right and your brand can benefit from the ripple effect generated from when the VIP experience is shared with their network. With intelligent targeting, outreach, and amplification, Fanfare can help brands do influencer marketing how it should be done.

Fanfare uses social channel outreach, community member engagement, gifting, and campaign content promotion to nurture brand fans, drive engagement, and achieve business goals.

And because Fanfare is our fully managed solution, Fooji provides brand owners and agencies with all the resources, expertise, and delivery models required to convert social community followers to full brand advocates.

For more information on Fooji Fanfare, watch the promo video or read the product overview to discover how you can make brand magic.