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We transform how brands and fans connect through social.

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Fan experiences that build loyalty

Fanfare is our turn-key product for social promotions, sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests. Giving your brand the power to incentivize engagement and create buzz-worthy moments. We’ve designed our Fanfare product to pair perfectly with Doorstep — our rapid fulfillment network. Together, our two products allow your band to connect with followers on social and rewards them with a personalized gift.

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Native social features

Motivate your fans to reach your marketing goals. Our social features incentivize engagement while creating meaningful connections between your brand and fans at scale. We have native integrations across the biggest social channels — including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and more.

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Rapid fulfillment network

Immediately follow a meaningful social interaction with a personalized prize delivered in one hour. Our rapid fulfillment network - Doorstep - allows us to be the only promotions partner with the ability to deliver prizes on demand. With national and international mailing capabilities, we help your brand reward fans everywhere.

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Secure microsite

Our secure microsite ensures all data is collected and processed safely. All while protecting your campaign from pesky bots. Choose from a variety of add-ons to make your fan's experience one of a kind while giving your brand a leg-up.

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Real-time analytics

Performance dashboards allow your team to measure real-time campaign success and fan engagement. Track your performance across each of your brand's primary social channels — including campaign opt-ins, engagements, impressions, and more.

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Human-backed customer service

All Fanfare campaigns are fully managed. Your dedicated Project Manager ensures the campaign runs smoothly. While our Fan Experience team supports your fans throughout the entire promotion.

Use cases

Partner with us to delight your fans like never before.

Brand awareness

Create buzz and amplify exposure, starting in brand communities

Community engagement

Delight your fans and followers at scale

Brand affinity

Create brand love with customized gifts and promotions

Product trials & sampling

Gift products for real reviews

Fan recognition

Give back to loyal fans and followers


Motivate your fans to engage and interact

Sentiment shift

Increase positive perception with delightful experiences

VIP engagement

Influence creators and commentators with innovative experiences

User-generated content

Encourage users to share experiences, content, and perspectives


  • Fully managed
  • Legal rules
  • Secure zero-party data collection
  • Live campaign fan support
  • Native social network integrations

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