The 4 essentials of successful Fan Experience Management

The 4 essentials of successful Fan Experience Management Blog Main Image

Find out what to look for in the technology you need to turbo-charge follower engagement and turn customers into superfans and advocates.

There’s no getting away from it; when consumers want to interact with a brand — whether it’s a complaint, a shout-out, or to take advantage of a promotion — they turn to social media. Any brand that wants to successfully win and retain customers, and get the most value from its customer relationships, need to be the master and commander of its social strategy.

The best way to do this is by creating a social brand personality and a social experience for your followers that is good, that turns followers into fans, and fans into superfans. What’s the best way to do that? A big part of it is choosing the right Fan Experience Management (FXM) platform.

FXM delivers personalized social experiences but also links social to real-world benefits, such as gifts, promotions, and brand tie-ins. When you use FXM, your fans not only get the best possible social experience, but you can also delight and surprise them with gifts, promotions, samples, and other physical goodies to create brand advocates.

Fan Experience Management: how to tell the good from the bad and the ugly

What does the right FXM solution look like? It should:

  • Give the tools needed to create original, compelling, and high-impact experiences — on
    social media, but also in the real world.

  • Be easy enough to set up, use, and reconfigure when needed, so it can be customized for every campaign and deployed at speed.

  • Be designed for social, integrating with the apps and platforms already used to manage your social media.

  • Deliver the same top-notch user experience to your followers and fans, across all platforms and every brand touchpoint.

  • Be clever enough, versatile enough, and continually updated — so that the FXM platform supports the widest range of cutting-edge engagement models, at all times.

When the FXM solution can do all these things, you can talk to fans at scale, but still make your conversations feel personal. Your posts and social promotions will cut through competitor content which is backed up with prompt and reliable fulfillment of gifts, prizes, and incentives.

Your FXM must do these 4 things:

To deliver the kind of fan experience capable of turbo-charging your brand performance, you need four things from your FXM solution:

  1. You should be able to use it for personalized social engagement, data capture, and digital rewarding.

  2. It should provide campaign reporting on competition or sweepstake exposure, engagement, and fulfillment success.

  3. And it should integrate perfectly with market-leading logistics networks and platforms,
    giving you reliable, real-time fulfillment information, all the time.

  4. It should have all the FXM capacities: everything you need to plan, create, and execute the campaign, fully managed and with guidance on best practices.

As a brand owner, planner, or strategist, you need to ensure that the solution you’re considering checks all the boxes above.

Fooji Fanfare is the market’s leading FXM solution. It uses social outreach, follower engagement, tactical gifting, campaign content promotion, and follower showcasing to nurture brand fans, drive engagement, and achieve business goals.

As a fully managed solution, Fooji provides brand owners and agencies with all the resources, expertise, and delivery models required to convert social community followers to full brand advocates.

For more information download the Fooji Fanfare infographic or read the product overview guide to discover how you can make brand magic.