Making brand magic: why brand owners should care about Fan Experience Management

Making brand magic: why brand owners should care Blog Post Main Image

Wondering how to stay ahead of customer demands when customers are more demanding by the day? Looking for ways to have authentic social conversations, that actually show up in the bottom line?

To rise to these challenges, and others, you need to harness the awesome power of fan engagement. With the right approach, you can create social conversations that build brand preference and awareness, turning customers into fans and fans into super-fans and brand advocates.

How do you do this? With something called Fan Experience Management (FXM). FXM goes beyond simply planning and curating social conversations for the best possible customer experience and outcome, although that’s certainly a key part of it.

FXM combines the best possible social experience with targeted, tracked, and measured physical, real-world brand engagement. This could mean anything from socially powered gifting and promotions to tie-ins with complementary brands (think a drinks brand and a fast-food delivery service getting together for a joint campaign during the Super Bowl).

Our platform, Fooji Fanfare, is the market’s leading FXM technology, and blends technology, people, and logistics processes to break down the silos of traditional follower and community engagement strategies.

We use social outreach, community engagement, tactical gifting, content promotion and
follower showcasing, Fanfare nurtures brand fans, drives engagement, and helps you achieve your business goals.

Using the power of Fanfare, we help you:

  1. Create new operating models, and new ways of getting products (and promotions) to the right prospects, right when they’ll make the biggest impact.

  2. Use our proprietary logistics and fulfillment to deliver a memorable experience: from social engagement to the fan’s letterbox, in the fastest time possible.

  3. Understand exactly what customers and prospects want in the moment, so you can start conversations that convert followers into brand fans.

  4. Digitize the entire engagement process — impressions, engagement, opt-ins, participation, delivery status, feedback, and community sentiment — for complete transparency.

  5. Use that transparency to improve how you plan your engagement campaigns and how you optimize those campaigns on the fly, to give you the best shot at going viral.

  6. Connect our FXM platform to systems that run your loyalty program, your social media, your distribution, and your marketing — for maximum positive impact.

When you work with us to adopt an FXM approach to fan engagement, we help you deliver the best possible experience, maximize retention, and engagement, and — above all — build advocacy.

Fanfare is a fully managed solution. We provide brand owners and agencies with all the resources, expertise, and delivery models required to convert social community followers to full brand advocates.

For more information, download the Fanfare infographic or read the product overview guide to discover how you can make brand magic.

The Fanfare advantage

When you use Fanfare, you get:

- Innovative, memorable, cut-through experiences that convert followers to fans
- Proven models to engage, activate, and monetize social followers
- End-to-end Fooji accountability with deployment models trusted by leading brands
- Native integration into communities across a range of social networks
- A turnkey solution approach but with flexible options for customization

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