Start social gifting with these 3 easy steps

Shiny happy fans

There are lots of reasons for marketers to love social gifting. It blends physical and digital experiences in a way that gives customers a ‘Christmas morning’ feeling, as they unbox their gift. And all of that goodness is associated with your brand.

With the right social gifting platform — one that combines digital-engagement tools with merchant-fulfillment capabilities — your brand can incentivize customers to buy more, recognize customer loyalty, and use social gifting to test new products and go-to-market strategies.

Ok, great. So how do you go about getting your social gifting program up and running? In most cases, the answer is ‘not with a DIY approach’. A cobbled-together approach to social gifting, using lots of different systems that aren’t designed to work together, is the great way to deliver a poor user experience, not to mention extra cost and hassle.

Instead, opt for an easy life. Choose Fooji Crowdsail. Crowdsail is our market-leading social gifting solution, with all the features you need to rapidly design and activate self-serve social gifting campaigns. 

Get going with social gifting

When you use Crowdsail, you can start social gifting in just three easy steps:

  1. Instantly, you’ll be able to build the required landing pages and other assets and target your identified audience with impactful communications.

  2. Fooji feeds your inventory data into the Crowdsail stock-management and fulfillment system. Once that’s done, Crowdsail manages end-to-end fulfillment, freeing you to get on with making sure your campaign delivers the biggest impact possible.

  3. Use the transparent and easy-to-access Crowdsail fulfillment and engagement reports to monitor the impact of your social gifting and optimize your campaign on the go, so you can demonstrate the greatest possible return on investment.

The right solution for gifting through social networks

Our social gifting platform Crowdsail is a self-serve solution for fan gifting experiences. An easy-to-use subscription-based service, it delivers the digital tools and integrated fulfillment services you need to engage fans and deliver branded, personalized gifts, at scale. Crowdsail puts you in full control of your surprise and delight initiatives.

The Crowdsail web interface really couldn’t be easier to use. With minimal training, anyone in your team can be up and running in no time. And you can have as many accounts as you need to run your campaigns the way you want to.

Having fulfillment built into the platform gives you peace of mind. You can be confident that the selection, packing, and distribution of branded merchandise or goods happens in just the way you promised the customer it would, leading to the best possible user experience.

For more information watch the Fooji Crowdsail promo video to discover how you can deliver delight.