Accelerating social advocacy: 2 proven approaches for the brand manager

Accelerating social advocacy

Brand advocacy on social media is an increasingly important part of building brand awareness. Brands want customers to share their perceptions of and experiences with the brand, in the hope and expectation that these will mainly be positive, providing important social proof.

Well, that’s the theory. But how do brands turn theory into reality? They address customers, or fans with timely, engaging, and memorable offers. If the customers take the offer – and if they’re impressed – then you may just have moved your brand up their ‘coolometer’. 

But even that’s just table stakes. What brand managers really need, is a ‘level of wow’ that starts a word-of-mouth viral sensation, bringing new customers to the brand and turning existing customers into superfans. 

This is harder. But with the right approach, you can do it. There are two well-established routes to achieving this kind of brand advocacy on social media. 

Why use Fan Experience Management (FXM)

FXM combines the best possible social experience with targeted, tracked, and measured physical, real-world brand engagement. It’s a fully managed model that delivers exceptional, personalized fan experiences. It uses social network outreach, community member engagement, tactical gifting and follower showcasing to nurture brand fans, drive engagement, and achieve advocacy goals.

This could mean anything from socially-powered promotions, through to tie-ins with complimentary brands (think a drinks brand and a fast-food delivery service getting together for a campaign during the Super Bowl). And Fooji Fanfare, which consists of a suite of specialist market-leading technologies, fulfillment network and campaign services, is our market-leading FXM platform. 

Why surprise and delight with social gifting

Social gifting is the practice of surprising and delighting followers with gifts, exclusive promotions, brand tie-ins and other real-world rewards. Done right, it’s a great way to reward and engage your most loyal followers, helping to turn them into brand advocates. Social gifting uses memorable merchandise and experiences to create advocates and superfans. 

Fooji Crowdsail is our market’s leading social-gifting platform. A subscription-based, self-service product, it empowers brands to manage fan gift and reward experiences. The platform provides digital tools to engage fans, offer and fulfill gifts and promotions, and has integrated logistics. Crowdsail delivers customized gifts for consumers and complete control for the brand. And it’s all underpinned by a turnkey solution designed to deliver maximum impact in the shortest time. 

Advocacy models endorsed by some of the world’s biggest brands

Between them, these two brand advocacy models accommodate most campaign use cases. Deciding what approach is right for your brand is influenced by other brand requirements such as creative, legal, campaign management, timeline, audience sizing, amongst others.

Fooji helps the world’s most beloved brands acquire and engage fans through award-winning giveaways, sweepstakes, and promotions. Our clients include ABC, Adidas, Amazon Studios, Budweiser, Disney, FOX, GSK, MINI, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Patrón, Pepsi, Sony Pictures, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting, Verizon, Warner Bros and YouTube.

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