Propelling social fan loyalty - key questions for marketing leaders

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More brand fans mean more leads, more conversions, more sales, and higher revenue, right? Right. In fact, businesses that know how to create brand fans, and do it successfully, grow two and a half times faster than their competitors [1]. That’s one heck of a competitive advantage.

So how do you create brand fans? One of the best ways is to offer your most engaged social followers a market-beating experience — one that combines social and real-world elements — to turn them into engines of brand growth, maximizing their customer lifetime value (CLV). That’s where Fooji Fanfare comes in.

Our fully managed Fan Experience Management (FXM) solution has all the tools you need to deliver outstanding social and digital engagement, as well as the fulfillment services required to get gifts, merchandise, and promotions into your fans’ hands. With Fooji Fanfare, brands get a nationwide, at scale, high-impact customer experience — proven to achieve social trending and media coverage.

For brands that don’t need the full-service FXM approach, there’s the social gifting solution Fooji Crowdsail. With Crowdsail, you can identify high-value social followers, those with the greatest potential value, and then delight them with personalized social/digital experiences as well as social gifting, supported by fully automated fulfillment of merchandise.

Whether you choose the FXM route or decide that social gifting is the best fit for your brand goals, almost always the best and fastest way to the right results, is to work with an external specialist partner. This gives you instant access to exactly the right tools, expertise, and logistics muscle, without long lead times and high set-up costs. 

Five key considerations for social loyalty

So, what questions should brands be asking when selecting a provider for their incentive and competition programs? Here are our top five: 

  1. Is simplicity part of the deal? Brands need turnkey services and solutions that get them up and running instantly. For promotions and loyalty programs, this means easy onboarding, intuitive interfaces, automated fulfillment, logistics and support for lots of different use cases.

  2. Do they provide real-time and historical analytics. You need to be able to track performance, over the long term and in the moment, across all aspects of the campaign: social, digital, and fulfillment. Only in this way can you optimize for the best possible returns. 

  3. Does the platform play nicely with others? It should integrate with your social, martech, and logistics platforms, your CRM and other key systems. It should also support automation and work with the systems you use to automate your workflows.

  4. When you need help, who you gonna call? Your provider should have experts on hand to solve your technical challenges, answer your fulfillment questions and give you advice on how to get the best possible results from your FXM and gifting campaigns. 

  5. Can they show you the money? A provider worth your trust will be able to point to the results they have achieved for other clients. They should be able to show you how they’ve shifted sentiment, boosted loyalty, increased conversions — and more. 

Solutions for accelerating loyalty

Fooji has the right answer to all those questions. Our platforms couldn’t be easier to use. They provide extensive analytics and reporting and integrate with leading social, CRM, and martech solutions. Our consultants and engineers are always on hand to help you. 

And our clients include ABC, Adidas, Amazon Studios, Budweiser, Disney, FOX, GSK, MINI, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Patrón, Pepsi, Sony Pictures, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting, Verizon, Warner Bros and YouTube.

For more information on Fan Experience Management, watch the Fooji Fanfare promo video.

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