Live Events

Create a fan frenzy

Go above and beyond to extend the live event experience to your fans at home.

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Bring your fans closer

Get the best blend of social, digital, and physical direct marketing to engage remote fans with real-world events. By delivering high-impact experiences, we create fandom far beyond the event. We also build complementary campaigns for third-party live events.


  • Bring live event experiences to life for fans at home
  • Integrate with other media and campaigns
  • Amplify live event reach and success
  • Inspire organic user-generated content featuring your brand

Use Cases

Our team of experts will partner with you to create a campaign that breaks through.

Brand awareness

Create buzz and amplify exposure, starting in brand communities.

Community engagement

Delight your fans and followers at scale

Product trials & sampling

Gift products for real reviews

User generated content

Encourage users to share experiences, content, and perspectives

Brand affinity

Accelerate relationships with customized offers and promotions

Want to know more?

Discover the benefits of Fan Experience Management.

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