Surprise and Delight

Create delightful experiences

Reward your most loyal fans with unexpected gifts.

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Gifts that turn followers into fans

Deepen relationships and create viral moments by identifying and interacting with loyal fans. With Fooji Crowdsail, you can foster loyalty, shift sentiment, and boost user-generated content.


  • Nurture fan relationships with personalized interactions
  • Self-managed or fully managed
  • Gift loyal fans with a click of a button
  • Create authentic fan moments built on excitement and brand love
  • Instill positive word of mouth with ease

Use Cases

Our team of experts will partner with you to create a campaign that breaks through.

Fan recognition

Foster connection with customized gifts and rewards

Brand affinity

Accelerate relationships with customized offers and promotions

User generated content

Encourage users to share experiences, content, and perspectives

Sentiment shift

Increase positive perception with delightful experiences

VIP engagement

Influence critics, journalists, industry commentators with break-through experiences

Product trials & sampling

Gift products for real reviews

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Discover the benefits of Fan Experience Management.

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